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The 2011 MAA Worldwide GLOBES Awards in Rio

The 2011 MAA Worldwide GLOBES Awards in Rio

Oct. 20th 2011, The Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Globes Winner

Winners: David Ploughman - President MAA Worldwide, Sarah Murphy and Rich Hashimoto of ARC Worldwide

Arc Worldwide, USA with their campaign “Arm Yourself for the Ones You Love.” for Client Walgreens, is the 2011 ‘Grand Prix winner in the 26th MAA Worldwide GLOBES Recognition Program. Arc Worldwide, USA takes home the GLOBE for the ‘Best of the Best’ in the World and in addition, two GLOBES for ‘Best in Category’.

Repositioning flu shots as selfless acts, the “Arm Yourself for the Ones You Love” Campaign inspired people to stop procrastinating and get their flu shots at Walgreens.

Heart shaped bandages were provided to mothers to write in the names of the people she was protecting, by getting their flu shot.

Heart shaped bandages were provided to mothers to write in the names of the people she was protecting, by getting their flu shot.

48 GLOBES, Silver and Bronze Certificates, as well as Orders of Merit, in 16 Entry Categories, were announced at the 26th annual MAA GLOBES Award Ceremony at the Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro.

Arm Yourself

David Ploughman, President of MAA Worldwide, paid tribute to the high quality of entries received in this year’s program. “What a great year for the GLOBES Awards, despite the continuing global economic challenges, the GLOBES continues to attract more entries from more agencies every year. Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and a hot bed of creativity & innovation, and a great place for MAA Worldwide to host the 2011 Globes Awards Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro with AMPRO, our exclusive GLOBES Partner in Brazil.

“The quality of the 2011 entries, reflected the consolidation in Promotion Marketing with greatly increased budgets and executions, spanning all available techniques and disciplines, particularly throughout Asia. Highlights of the 2011 Program were the domination by the USA with 4 GLOBES and the Best of the Best in the World. Brazil returned to the Winner’s circle with 2 GLOBES and new GLOBES Winners were the Ukraine and Taiwan” … Mike Da Silva. VP Marketing. MAA GLOBES. Sydney, Australia.

The MAA GLOBES recognizes the very Best of the Best in Promotion Marketing Award Programs executed globally with our partners: CAMPRO from Argentina, the APMA Stars from Australia & New Zealand, AMPRO from Brazil, CAPMA PROMO Awards from Canada, the JPM Awards from Japan, the PMAA Dragons of Asia, the Silver Mercurys from Russia, the IPM Awards from the UK and the PMA REGGIES Awards from the USA. Country entries were also received from Israel and Ireland.

150 judges from 23 Countries, representing Agencies, Clients, Academia, Media and Industry Associations carried out the 2011 Judging process between July and September.

About MAA Worldwide: The Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide is the only organization dedicated solely to the interests and ambitions of CEOs, Presidents, Managing Directors and Principals of top marketing services agencies around the world.

It is composed of entrepreneurs and forward-thinking executives, who together create an extraordinary opportunity for like-minded people to meet with their peers, share global knowledge, raise their agency profile on both a national and a global platform, and to influence the future of our industry. Our members come form all sectors within the marketing communications industry.

As part of our commitment to excellence in our sector, MAA Worldwide created and has supported the GLOBES Awards for 25 years.

For more information contact: Mike Da Silva at - Australia, or Keith McCracken at - USA