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Speakers Will Shape Presentations Based on Pre-Conference Audience Input

PALM BEACH, Florida - Marketing-agency CEOs participating in the upcoming MAA Worldwide Executive Seminar and Workshop will get not only an advance look at the future, but an opportunity to examine and discuss how to respond to the challenges they will be facing in the period immediately ahead.

"Looking Down the Pipeline" is the theme of the Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide's 30th annual meeting, which also will include a gala reception, dinner and presentation honoring winners of the 2003 GLOBES Awards, all of which will take place at The Breakers hotel and resort here Oct.26-29.

Keynote presentations will be delivered by strategic forecaster David Pearce Snyder on Day One (Monday, Oct. 27), and former U.S. assistant commerce secretary Larry Snyder on Day Two.

Mr. Snyder is Lifestyles Editor of "The Futurist" magazine, and Mr. Irving, who served for nearly seven years of the Clinton administration and coined the term "digital divide," heads a Washington, D.C.-based group providing strategic planning for companies in the marketing, telecom and information technology industries.

Both keynoters will stay on after their presentations to guide, participate and interact with agency executives in subsequent workshop breakout sessions.

Other featured speakers will be Alan Gottesman, of West End Consulting, in the U.K., which specializes in helping marketing communications companies formulate financial and business strategies, and Robert Diamond, head of London-based Diametric, a consultancy that defines opportunities and develops communications programs for consumer goods, retail and media clients.

To ensure that keynote presentations and workshop discussions alike focus on matters relevant to those who participate, MAA Worldwide is inviting seminar registrants to log on to its Web site ( and take part in an on-line pre-workshop survey to rank the importance of a variety of future-based marketing-agency issues and concerns.

Feedback from registrants, according to MAA Worldwide president Neil Contess, will enable speakers and workshop leaders to shape their presentations and guide discussions to topics that are of greatest interest to their audiences.

"By going truly interactive and seeking input from attendees up-front and well in advance of the event," according to Mr. Contess, "and having the speakers remain after their presentations to take part in followup discussions, we're using every opportunity to increase the up-to-the-minute relevance, and thus the overall value, of our program."

Attendance at Fall and Spring MAA Worldwide meetings is open to members, and to prospective members, of MAA Worldwide.

In addition to the presentations, workshops and awards program at the Fall Seminar, the results of an ongoing agency benchmark survey, and of an agency compensation survey, will be reported on Day One, and a CEO Roundtable discussion will take place on Day Three.

Preceding the Seminar, on Sunday, Oct. 26, there will be a MAA Worldwide Executive Committee meeting, followed by a golf outing, and an evening reception to welcome members, spouses and guests.

Founded in 1973 as the Council of Sales Promotion Agencies (CSPA), MAA Worldwide is an international, not-for-profit trade association open to presidents, partners and principals of promotion, direct, event and entertainment marketing agencies, service companies and consultancies.

For additional information about MAA membership or the 30th Annual Executive Seminar and Workshop, or to register online, visit the MAA Worldwide Web site at

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