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Faster, Better, Cheaper Online System, plus Economic Necessity Seen as Factors Driving Increase as August 22 Deadline Draws Near

NEW YORK (Aug. 15) – With a week to go before an Aug. 22 deadline, a variety of agencies and client companies have submitted a record number of 154 entries in the 2003 GLOBES Awards, with the final tally expected to top 200, according to a spokesperson for the Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide.

In cooperation with marketing organizations everywhere, each year the MAA Worldwide sponsors and produces the GLOBES Awards to recognize outstanding work in the form of promotion, direct, event, entertainment and sports marketing campaigns. Last year there were 147 entries from 28 countries.

Winners are traditionally announced during the organization’s annual Fall Meeting and Conference, which this year will take place Oct. 26-29 at The Breakers Hotel and Resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Following an evening reception and black-tie dinner on Monday, Oct. 27, more than 40 gold, silver and bronze GLOBES will be given out, including overall honors for the ‘Best Campaign in the World.”

GLOBES Awards attendance is open to MAA Worldwide members, spouses, prospects and, by invitation, to non-member agency and client-side GLOBES finalists. Information regarding attendance (subject line “Globes rsvp list”) and sponsorship opportunities (subject line “Sponsor opps”) is available online via e-mail addressed to].

In addition to the ‘Best in World’ award, MAA Worldwide President Neil Contess will announce individual recipients of the organization’s Lifetime Achievement and International Marketer of the Year Awards, and a 2003 inductee to the MAA Worldwide Hall of Fame, for which members were invited last week to submit nominations.

Entries have been received from 28 countries so far, of which 11 are newcomers to the GLOBES. They are Austria, Finland, Germany, India, Moldova, Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and Venezuela. Represented last year but so far not having entered in 2003, are Hong Kong, Indonesia and Netherlands.

Other countries represented in the 2003 competition are Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Italy, Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States.

Posing a major competitive challenge on the world stage this year will be 35 entries representing finalists from the recent Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia (PMAA). Now in its second year and with categories aligned with those of MAA Worldwide, the Singapore-based event attracted entries from 12 of 14 Asian countries this year, including Cambodia, China, Korea and Indonesia. In 2002 an Asia-region (New Zealand), agency non-member walked off with ‘Best in the World’ honors from MAA Worldwide.

Two factors account for most of this year’s GLOBES increase, according to Amie Smith Hughes, MAA Worldwide Professional Recognition VP and 2003 awards program director. One is the first-time-ever ability to submit entries online, thanks to a newly designed entry process and Web micro-site, which are accessible via .

“Using the Internet is not only incredibly faster, easier and cheaper than having to physically produce and ship materials using overseas carriers,” she says, “people are all the more encouraged to enter now because the inherent fairness of the system eliminates the concern that someone else’s expensively produced ‘beauty-contest’ portfolio might somehow sway the judges.”

Testimony to the universal appeal of being able to enter the GLOBES online was a recent e-mail cover-note accompanying an entry form: “I finalized our submission to the GLOBES a few minutes ago,” it read. “I want to thank you for your guidance and let you know that your technical team was very helpful. They answered all of my questions. They even made the final artwork check to ensure compliance (with) guidelines. In the beginning I thought online submission world be really troublesome. Thanks to you and your team, it was not.” (signed) Zeynep Arhon Apak, partner, SPY Promotion Agency, Istanbul, Turkey.

Another factor contributing to the record response enjoyed by the GLOBES this year, according to Ms. Hughes, could be the tendency for marketers to turn their attention, and thus a greater proportion of their overall spending, toward multi-disciplined campaign strategies during tough economic times, leading to there being more campaigns to enter.

“I say this because we seem to witnessing a trend, in the form of wonderfully integrated campaigns, mixing of advertising’s well-known emphasis on image with the time-honored penchant on the part of all kinds of below-the-line disciplines to produce concrete, measurable results.”

Combine this with the fact that the 2003 judging will take place on line, which not only cuts expenses but ensures that not just those with the time and money will end up serving on the panel, and “you end up feeling that this is the most geographically diverse AND the most professionally comprehensive marketing awards program around.”

Fittingly, a first-ever event later this month will be the “virtual” empanelment of a worldwide GLOBES jury, comprising a (to-be-announced) group of top-level client-side marketing executives under the guidance of an MAA delegate, at the end of this month. The process will be completed a week to 10 days later, whereupon judges’ names and affiliations will be published on the MAA Worldwide Web site. The MAA’s twin goals of geo-diversity and multi-discipline integration are illustrated by the revamped, expanded and intentionally wider range of GLOBES “Best-Use-of” categories, according to Ms. Hughes, the most explicit of which are Promotion, Advertising, Direct Mail and New Media.

Even more reflective of its name change and mission expansion are such new categories as Best Multi-Disciplined Campaign, Most Innovative Communications Strategy, Most Effective Long-Term Marketing Campaign, Best Brand-Awareness and Trial-Generating Activity, and Best Brand-Loyalty Generating Activity, to name a few others. To illustrate the point, says Ms. Hughes, GLOBES Awards were presented last year not just to below-the-line shops, but to a cross-section of advertising, direct and event marketing companies large and small, and to client marketer Procter & Gamble.

“If, as the saying goes, excellence is its own reward,” she says, “then the mission of the GLOBES is to continue to go the extra step by encouraging everyone both to excel and to participate. The goal is for all of us to learn and grow by benchmarking against each other’s best efforts.”

Information about MAA Worldwide membership, the GLOBES the entry process, the Fall Meeting program and GLOBES sponsorship opportunities may be obtained via or by e-mailing Amie Smith after Aug. 24 via

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