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Marketing Agencies from 30 Countries Honored for Outstanding Campaigns

PALM BEACH, Florida (Oct. 27) – A guerilla marketing campaign that centered on the World Cup football (soccer) championship in Seoul, Korea last year has taken top honors in the 4th annual GLOBES Awards of the Marketing Agencies Association (MAA) Worldwide.

For its efforts on behalf of cellphone manufacturer SK Telecom, TBWA\Korea walked away with the organization's Gran Prix award for best campaign overall, plus an individual GLOBE for best entertainment marketing campaign of the year and two Gold Finalist Awards for Best Activity Generating Brand Awareness and Best Use of Advertising, respectively.

In addition to the Gran Prix, 14 GLOBES winners and 44 Gold, Silver and Bronze Finalists were announced at a reception and dinner here tonight honoring outstanding work from around the world (see list below). The 2003 GLOBES winners and Finalists are from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, England, Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, the USA and Venezuela.

The event took place at The Breakers hotel during MAA Worldwide's 30th annual fall meeting, conference and workshop. MAA Worldwide members are principals, partners and presidents of marketing agencies.

This year's competition drew an all-time high of 291campaigns from 30 countries in what has become the largest and most geographically and culturally diverse turnout yet for the GLOBES Awards program. Last year's awards generated 147 entries, also a record.

US-based agencies won five GLOBES, Israeli agencies won three, and a Bangkok agency (Lowe Thailand) won two, the latter for a cause-related campaign that produced more than 60,000 artificial limbs. One GLOBES winner each in Argentina, Korea, Poland and the U.K. brought the total to 14.

Sponsored by the MAA in association with marketing organizations and marketing media around the world, the GLOBES honor outstanding promotion, event, entertainment, sports and direct marketing campaigns. This year the competition went online.

A multinational panel of 35 judges met “virtually” on the Internet in three phases during mid-September to select the 58 finalists. Eligibility was open to agencies anywhere that had previously won recognition from marketing organizations in their own regions.

GLOBES judges represented a cross-section of agency, client and marketing media from Europe, Asia and the Americas. Campaigns were scored on originality, execution, performance and concept.

The Winners:

Gran Prix & Best Entertainment Campaign
Agency: TBWA, Korea
Client: SK Telecom
KT Group was the official telecommunications sponsor for the 2002 Korea/Japan FIFA World Cup, but that didn't stop SK Telecom from coming up with a plan to secure its position as the cell phone leader among Korean consumers. As a non-official partner, SK Telecom was limited in how it could market itself during the World Cup. So the brand went after the Red Devils, the country's national football supporters group, ultimately focusing on a niche market where there was less penetration from the official sponsors. The idea was ingenious – SK Telecom would secure alternative grounds for continuous communications away from the restricted official sponsor areas. Be The Reds first invited Koreans to join the Red Devils “support” team and learn two special team cheers before the World Cup began. It then distributed millions of free Be the Reds T-shirts. Consumers showed their support for the home team by wearing the shirts in the streets during key World Cup matches. TVs in trains were on-hand so Koreans could watch the matches while traveling, and massive SK Telecom-logoed screens were erected in high-populated public areas to air the matches. Marketing activities were not permitted inside the stadiums, but no one could stop fans from wearing their “support” T-shirts outside or even inside the stadium. Millions streamed into the streets and screamed SK's team cheers during key matches and team goals. The shirts ultimately became the “national uniform” for team supporters. The result? Koreans thought SK Telecom was the official World Cup sponsor; recognition for SK Telecom eventually replaced the official telecommunications sponsor in terms of consumer awareness; SK Telecom signed up 96,000 new customers and generated a share increase of 22 percent to over 53 percent of market share for the telecommunications category.

Best Multi-Discipline Campaign (tie) & Best Charity Campaign
Agency: Lowe, Thailand
Client: Cerebos
Cerebos makes BRAND'S Essence of Chicken, a food supplement Thai moms use as a health tonic to relieve kids' cold and flu symptoms. It comes in a bottle with an aluminum bottle cap. Over the holidays, Thai consumers could give BRAND'S gift baskets to friends and family. In return, Cerebos donated 10 baht to the Artificial Leg Foundation, which provides artificial limbs for a low cost or free to thousands of Thais who can't afford them (a good share of the cost of the limbs is the raw materials, such as aluminum, the same material in a BRAND'S bottle cap). Recipients could donate the bottle caps from their gift baskets to the Foundation. The result? Consumers donated more than three million caps; the Foundation produced more than 60,000 artificial limbs (in fact, there was so much aluminum that aluminum walking sticks were made and given away as well); sales of BRAND'S Essence of Chicken doubled; gift basket sales increased 20 percent; and massive displays were assembled in key accounts and outside pharmacies free of charge.

Best Multi-Discipline Campaign (tie)
Agency: Momentum, Israel
Client: Pelephone Cellular
Israel's cell phone market is one of the most saturated in the world. Penetration is over 90 percent among older audiences. Three cellular leaders control the market, and up until recently, Pelephone was third. The company moved into first place after launching Esc, a new cell phone created for Israel's teens and twenty- somethings. The brand dispatched armies of Pelephone field marketers who cruised the streets, as well as discos, schoolyards, movie theatres, the beach – and even public bathrooms -- to spread the word about the new cell phone and its “mobile entertainment” capabilities. Company employees doubled as brand ambassadors, their clothing and offices transformed into themed promotion billboards. Extensive POS materials and field activities at malls and college campuses where consumers demoed the phones supported the program. Club TLV, Tel Aviv's trendiest disco served as the venue for the brand's “must attend” themed events and parties. Pelephone gave away thousands of premiums and in just six months, brought in 101,000 new subscribers (six months ahead of schedule).

Best Account-Specific Program
Agency: AVC Marketing Promocional, Argentina
Client: Carrefour
In December 2001, Argentina's economy fell apart and the devaluation of the local currency resulted in a significant decrease in consumer spending. Retailers started developing aggressive pricing campaigns to get shoppers in stores. Grocery store Carrefour used its 20th anniversary as a reason to offer Argentines a month of savings. The One Cart a Minute campaign lifted consumer's spirits and gave them a reason to spend money in Carrefour stores over and over. They received a ticket at checkout that gained them access to a special archway at store exits. Once under the arch, they pressed a button and a cacophony of sounds and lights were simultaneously broadcast throughout the store. Prizes were awarded every few minutes. Just in case fellow shoppers couldn't hear the hoopla, TV screens around the store displayed shoppers' reactions each time they went under the arch. The result? Carrefour recorded its highest month of sales ever, even though “One Cart a Minute” referred to showing a shopper participating -- not winning – every minute. Consumers didn't mind. Four million participated 3.5 times each; 25,000 won a full refund on their groceries; and 125,000 won smaller prizes.

Best Event Marketing Campaign
Agency: Eskadra BTL, Poland
Client: Grupa Zywiec
Poland's #1 beer brand Zywiec used humor to strengthen its image in Poland last summer while getting consumers to interact with the brand in new and innovative ways. The brewer targeted city residents ages 18 to 45 in Warsaw, Gdañsk, Gliwice and Kraków, then created the Zywiec Humor Museum, a traveling display that showcased jokes, comedies, stories and abstract humor that only Poles would understand and appreciate (so much for Polish jokes!). The brand collected and classified thousands of unique items, then obtained special permits and designed the museum so it could travel around the country. The result was the only traveling museum in Poland with exhibition space of 300 sq. meters (about 3,200 square feet). It occupied huge tents surrounded by open-air exhibits and displays. All displays were interactive and included familiar film scenery, costumes from popular Polish comedies, and reconstructions of familiar places. Billboard ads and local print ads in each city supported. More than 107,000 visitors visited the traveling museum and over 50,000 visited the brewer's cinema and open-air exhibitions. The press loved it, too, printing and airing more than 300 stories about the brand and the program.

Best Use of Direct Marketing
Agency: Power Pact LLC, USA
Client: Lexus

The Lexus Lap of Luxury campaign got female drivers to test drive or purchase a Lexus in two key US regions using day spas as the hook. Because of a high correlation between women who purchase Lexus cars and those who regularly visit day spas, the partnership with Aveda was perfect. More than 700,000 women identified as a “high propensity to own a Lexus” prospects received invitations to test-drive or purchase a Lexus in return for a high-value spa gift certificate. A test drive earned a $60 spa-tificate; purchasing a Lexus earned a $320 spa-tificate. Tracking codes on the vouchers made it possible to measure redemption rates. Support included targeted emails to 20,000 prospects; in-spa and in-dealership POS materials; and cars on display at select spas. The campaign achieved 474 percent of its original sales goal with 237 cars being sold as a direct result of the promotion and 234 women test-driving a Lexus. More than 79 percent of the test-drivers/purchasers had never owned a Lexus before; 81 percent of the buyers were female; and 25 percent had been BMW or Mercedes-Benz owners before. Every Lexus dealer in the participating markets participated and lifestyle marketing has since become a key element of the brand's ongoing marketing strategy.

Best Use of Interactive Marketing
Agency: Dialogue Marketing, UK
Client: Weetabix LLC
Weetabix and Kellogg's Cornflakes are fierce competitors and are constantly jostling for the overall No. 1 cereal position in England. So to get ahead, Weetabix offered consumers Weetabix House, a “virtual” house filled with £1 million worth of prizes. The house, shown on the brand's website, was closely guarded by security guard Fred. Each room brimmed with goodies like cars in the garage, entertainment systems in the Lounge, computers in the kids' den and washing machines in the kitchen. Consumers were asked to type in the unique codes printed inside their Weetabix box. They found out instantly if they won, and if so, toured the house with housekeeper Doris, who led them to a prize room. Winners rolled their mouse around the room for prize descriptions. With each claim the number of prizes remaining reduced automatically.

Support included a radio and poster campaign and house-shaped POS displays. Both consumers and retailers ate this promotion up: store personnel assembled more than 200 House displays and created 287 of their own; the website recorded more than 556,000 visits (323,000 of them were unique); and sales for the month-long promotion increased seven percent.

Best Activity Generating Brand Awareness & Trial
Agency: DVC Worldwide, USA
Client: Georgia-Pacific
Paper towels are a low-interest commodity product, but that didn't stop Georgia-Pacific from creating excitement and loyalty for Brawny. Do You Know a Brawny Man gave the brand – and its 30-year old lumberjack icon – just the facelift it needed to generate awareness and “re-trial.” The goal was to find the man with characteristics resembling those of the brand itself: strength (physical or character), toughness, and dependability. Consumers submitted photos and short essays on how their men (husbands, significant others, etc.) embodied those characteristics. Judges culled entries to 12 finalists, then America voted for the winner by mail or online. The winner -- announced live on a national talk show – received a Dodge Durango – and his picture on Brawny packages. Finalists went to NYC for a Brawny Man Calendar photo shoot (calendars were then offered as an SLO). A national FSI and print campaign; interactive games on the website; Brawny Brigade events; downloadable screensavers; banner ads; an email DM campaign; in-store floor graphics in 9,000 stores; promotion tags on TV spots; and extensive PR supported. Sales grew over 12 percent during the promotion; brand volume was 31 percent higher than the same month last year; and share increased ten percent.
Best Activity Generating Brand Loyalty
Agency: Marden Kane, USA
Client: Starbucks Coffee Co.

The Starbucks Stirs You, Vespa Moves You sweepstakes was a loyalty program wrapped around the coffee-maker's frequent user card. Consumers use the card in-store in lieu of cash to allow them easy access to Starbucks' range of beverage, food and coffee products. Each time a consumer made a purchase or re-loaded his card he received an automatic sweepstakes entry. Weekly drawings for exciting Italy-themed prizes, including trips to Italy, Vespa motorscooters, helmets, goggles, leather messenger bags, locks and loaded Starbucks Cards rounded out the program. Each week for eight weeks Starbucks randomly selected 125 people to receive $5 Starbucks Cards. Print ads, in-store POS and online banner ads supported, while Vespa retailers displayed merchandising materials to cross promote. Starbucks received more than 2.5 million sweepstakes entries; daily new Card registrations increased more than 230 percent and the Italy-themed Card was the fastest-selling Card offered to date. On the day the promotion launched, experienced a record number of visits from customers.

Best Dealer or Salesforce Activity
Agency: Power Pact LLC, USA
Client: Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Oncologists and nurses rarely have enough time to spend with their breast cancer patients. Patients yearn for close contact with friends and family. Aventis' Connection Cards was the solution: the program allowed oncologists to communicate better with their patients – while at the same time helping to generate measurable results for the brand. Patients received gift packs containing note cards and long-distance phone cards to make it easier for them to call or write their loved ones. Other items in the packs included important reference materials, info about the breast cancer drug Taxotere, treatment options and contact info for cancer survivors. Some 150 Taxotere sales reps delivered 60,000 Connection Cards gift packs to their accounts, then asked doctors to distribute them to patients during Breast Cancer Awareness month (October). Reps also dropped of coupons for medical wigs and taxi vouchers. Brochures, letters and PowerPoint presentations educated reps, doctors and nurses about the program. More than 87 percent of sales reps surveyed said the program helped enhance their relationships with their oncology accounts; all of them said they would like to participate next year.

Best Small Budget Campaign
Agency: Yalla-Active Marketing, Israel
Client: The Sigler Group

The Hebrew version of Time Out magazine was about to launch and the company needed to make a splash with virtually zero budget. This urban guide for culture and entertainment contains information about upcoming weekend events and activities. To create buzz and awareness for the new magazine, the brand created Take A Time Out, a two-pronged program targeting Tel-Aviv residents ages 20 to 45. For five weekends in a row, field reps lounged around Tel-Aviv's most frequented public areas on Time Out-branded easy-chairs and lay under branded parasols. They also lounged outside the offices of potential advertisers. When asked what they were doing the field reps replied: “Taking a Time Out," then told them where they could buy the magazine. Branded taxis and ads in bus stations supported. Next, phony camera crews visited top discos to “interview” people about the magazine (those interviewed didn't know there was no film in the cameras!). Interviewees received a copy of the magazine just before they were “interviewed” and thought they were being interviewed by Israel's version of the E! Channel's “Wild On.” Within a month over 60 percent of the target audience said they'd heard of the magazine; after three months circulation grew from zero to 55,000 copies (183 percent higher expectations).

Best Use of Advertising
Agency: Promarket, Israel
Client: Procter & Gamble
P&G made its Fairy dishwashing liquid the star attraction of its TV spots while also making almost everyone in Israel know that just one bottle of Fairy could wash thousands of dirty plates – enough to get the brand into the Guinness Book of World Records (GBWR). The promotion was wrapped around staging an event to prove its claim. Ben Gurion University hosted the event, turning the campus into a giant kitchen with dozens of sinks and washing stations in plain view of TV cameras and curious onlookers. Next, thousands of students received 25,000 servings of pasta and tomato sauce served from a giant buffet line. Afterwards, a team of 250 people washed each and every dirty plate under the supervision of GBWR accountants and attorneys who confirmed that 20,868 porcelain dishes had been washed using just one bottle of Fairy. How did the event affect the brand? Within three months Fairy sales shot up and stabilized at a market share of 28.8 percent (equal to Palmolive, the category leader for the past 10 years). The video footage from the event was used in the brand's TV spots.

Most Innovative Idea or Concept
Agency: Lime PR & Promotions, USA
Client: Meow Mix

Cats typically get the short end of the catnip when it comes to campaigns that generate positive pet press. For example, when was the last time you heard about a cat-themed charity tie-in? Have you ever taken your cat to the office? Probably not. So Meow Mix conducted a study and determined that pet-owners actually believe that watching TV makes their cats happy. “Keeping Cats Happy: Meow TV – the first TV show for cats (and the people they tolerate)” became the overarching umbrella for a variety of brand-building marketing activities wrapped around a Meow Mobile Tour, sampling events, and a national contest aimed at finding a “voice” for Meow TV. The Oxygen Network aired the first episode; teaser mailings sent to VIP press, tune-in ads running on USA, TNT and TV Land, and viral e-mails dropped two weeks before the premiere supported. The press loved it – more than 250 million media impressions have been generated as a result of Jay Leno's monologue, and stories featured on CNBC, NPR, CNN, Extra!, and in The New York Times, Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly and People magazine. The campaign has also generated significant local and international exposure.

2003 Gold, Silver & Bronze Finalists
Best Multi-Discipline Campaign
• Gold: Stoli – Look Beneath the Surface, Lime PR & Promotions, USA
• Silver: Northern Ireland Neutering Campaign, 141, U.K.

Best Use of Advertising
• Gold: Be The Reds, TBWA, Korea
• Silver: Pepsi Twist, 361/BBDO, Argentina
• Bronze: Nestle & You in the Million Quiz Show, Sight Momentum, Brazil

Best Use of Direct Marketing
• Gold: The Scout, CP Comunicación Proximity, CP Interactive & CP DataGrupo, Spain
• Silver: Little People First Birthday Group, Eric Mower & Associates, USA
• Bronze: Guardian Enfield Door Drop, Claydon Heeley Jones Mason, U.K.

Most Innovative Idea or Concept
• Gold: Ikea Sleepwalker Promotion, Division 4 McCann Erickson, Austria
• Gold: Spotlight on Teachers, Opts Events, USA

Best Use of Interactive Media
• Gold: My What a Kiss, Coty Fragrance Launch, Entertainment Marketing, USA
• Silver: When You Know You Win!, Tokenzone, Venezuela

Most Effective Long Term Promotion Marketing Campaign
• Gold: Kellogg's American Dream Promotion, Draft, USA
• Silver: Camp Jeep, BBDO Detroit, USA
• Bronze: Ultimate Air & Ground Campaign, Velocity Sports & Entertainment, USA

Best Activity Generating Brand Awareness & Trial
• Gold: Be The Reds, TBWA, Korea
• Silver: McV Spot, Dialogue Marketing, U.K.
• Bronze: Arto to Your Taste, Plus Promotion CPM, Austria

Best Activity Generating Brand Volume
• Gold: WONKAaaa!!, Frankel, USA
• Gold: Coors Light Tracker Bottle, Marketing Drive Worldwide, Canada
• Silver: One Chango A Minute, AVC Marketing Promocional, Argentina
• Bronze: Puppy In Pack, SMP, U.K.

Best Activity Generating Brand Loyalty
• Gold: Huggies Loyalty Program, Momentum, Israel
• Silver: Dole My Greens, Seismicom, USA
• Silver: Mail of Joy Campaign, TMAdraft, Russia

Best Business-to-Business
• Gold: Manpower – A Lot More Than You Thought!, Target Market Group, Israel
• Silver: Upfront Skit, Court TV, USA

Best Retail Account-Specific or Channel
• Gold: Puppy in Pack, SMP, U.K.
• Silver: Monsters Zellers, Onyx Marketing Group, Canada
• Silver: Wal-Mart Veterans Day Promotion, Idea Connections, USA

Best Dealer or SalesForce Activity
• Gold: Campaign Nikita, Faza, Israel
• Silver: Break the Bank, The Marketing Store, Canada
• Silver: The All Blacks Experience, Wow Rapp Collins, New Zealand

Best Entertainment Campaign
• Gold: Smirnoff Ice Catch The Match, Triangle Communications, U.K.
• Silver: Get Game Ready, Accumark Promotions Group, Canada
• Silver: The Human Concert of G.O.D. for 100 Days, Cheil, Korea

Best Cause or Charity Marketing Campaign
• Gold: Duracell Fire Safety, Onyx Marketing Group, Canada
• Gold: Northern Ireland Neutering Campaign, 141, U.K.

Best Event Marketing Campaign
• Gold: Mazda RX8 Launch Campaign, Hakuhodo, Japan
• Gold: Penetration of Fairy Dishwashing Liquid, Promarket, Israel
• Silver: Rexona Ter-Temiz, Spy, Turkey

Best Small Budget Campaign
• Gold: Forensics Day, Court TV, USA
• Bronze: Matchbox to the Rescue, Ryan Partnership, Canada
• Bronze: Walking Cargill's Olive Oils, Mix 21 Comunicacao, Brazil

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