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'Gran Prix', plus Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners in 16 Categories, Will Emerge at Oct. 27 Gala from a Record Field of 290 Entries from 30 countries

NEW YORK (Sept. 26) – A record 58 campaigns for clients in 17 countries have been selected as finalists from an all-time high of 290 entries this year in the largest and most geographically diverse turnout yet for the GLOBES Awards. (List is attached.)

Sponsored by the Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide in association with professional marketing organizations and marketing media around the world, the GLOBES honor outstanding promotion, event, entertainment, sports and direct marketing campaigns. This year the competition went online.

"There's no doubt that nearly doubling the number of entries in 2003 (last year's 147 was a record, too) had a lot to do with the speed, convenience and economy of the Internet process," said Amie Smith, who oversaw its development and manages the GLOBES awards program, now in their fourth year.

"Finally we've said goodbye to the delays, the drudgery and the expense of having to pack, ship, unpack and re-ship bulky portfolios from country to country. Entering the GLOBES is, as they say in the dot-com world, faster, better and cheaper."

The names of the category winners, as well as those of 44 more for gold, silver and bronze designations, plus the identity of the 2003 "Gran Prix" recipient for best campaign overall, are to be revealed following a GLOBES Awards reception and dinner Oct. 27 at the Marketing Agencies Association (MAA) Worldwide's fall conference.

The organization's 30th annual conference and meeting will take place Oct. 26-29 at The Breakers resort hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.

Narrowing the field from 290 to 58, and from that number nominating the Gran Prix champion, was the task of a multinational panel of 35 judges who met "virtually" on the Internet in three phases during mid-September to score what would become the first-ever Web-based GLOBES awards competition.

Any agency anywhere with a campaign that had already won recognition from a marketing organization in its own country or region was eligible, for a nominal fee, to enter the 2003 GLOBES by accessing the MAA Web site and scanning in pertinent art, music and video clips along with a formatted campaign description.

GLOBES judges, representing a cross-section of agency, client and marketing media from Europe, Asia and the Americas, downloaded the "portfolios" from the MAA site, scored campaigns by awarding points for originality, execution, performance and concept, then forwarded their scores to MAA Worldwide for electronic tallying.

Campaigns on the 2003 GLOBES winner roster are from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, England, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, the USA and Venezuela. 2003 Globes Finalists (in alphabetical order by campaign title)

Best Multi-Discipline Campaign
• Brand's Artificial Leg Program, Lowe, Thailand
• Esc Launch, Momentum, Israel
• Northern Ireland Neutering Campaign, 141, Ireland
• Stoli – Look Beneath the Surface, Lime PR & Promotions, USA

Best Use of Advertising
• Be The Reds, TBWA, Korea
• Nestle & You in the Million Quiz Show, Sight Momentum, Brazil
• Penetration of Fairy Dishwashing Liquid, Promarket, Israel
• Pepsi Twist, 361/BBDO, Argentina

Best Use of Direct Marketing
• Guardian Enfield Door Drop, Claydon Heeley Jones Mason, England
• Lexus Lap of Luxury, Power Pact LLC, USA
• Little People First Birthday Group, Eric Mower & Associates, USA
• The Scout, Grupo Contrapunto, Spain

Most Innovative Idea or Concept
• Ikea Sleepwalker Promotion, Division 4 McCann Erickson, Austria
• Meow TV, Lime PR & Promotions, USA
• Spotlight on Teachers, Opts Events, USA

Best Use of Interactive Media
• My What a Kiss, Coty Fragrance Launch, Entertainment Marketing, USA
• Weetabix House, Dialogue Marketing, England
• When You Know You Win!, Tokenzone, Venezuela

Most Effective Long Term Promotion Marketing Campaign
• Camp Jeep, BBDO Detroit, USA
• Kellogg's American Dream Promotion, Draft, USA
• Ultimate Air & Ground Campaign, Velocity Sports & Entertainment, USA

Best Activity Generating Brand Awareness & Trial
• Arto to Your Taste, Plus Promotion CPM, Austria
• Be The Reds, TBWA, Korea
• Do You Know A Brawny Man?, DVC Worldwide, USA
• McV Spot, Dialogue Marketing, England

Best Activity Generating Brand Volume
• Coors Light Tracker Bottle, Marketing Drive Worldwide, Canada
• One Chango A Minute, AVC Marketing Promocional, Argentina
• Puppy In Pack, SMP, England
• WONKAaaa!!, Frankel, USA

Best Activity Generating Brand Loyalty
• Dole My Greens, Seismicom, USA
• Huggies Loyalty Program, Momentum, Israel
• Mail of Joy Campaign, TMAdraft, Russia
• Starbucks Stirs You, Vespa Moves You, Marden Kane, USA

Best Business-to-Business
• Manpower – A Lot More Than You Thought!, Target Market Group, Israel
• Upfront Skit, Court TV, USA

Best Retail Account-Specific or Channel
• Monsters Zellers, Onyx Marketing Group, Canada
• One Chango a Minute, AVC Marketing Promocional, Argentina
• Puppy in Pack, SMP, England
• Wal-Mart Veterans Day Promotion, Idea Connections, USA

Best Dealer or SalesForce Activity
• Break the Bank, The Marketing Store, Canada
• Breast Cancer Awareness, Power Pact LLC, USA
• Campaign Nikita, Faza, Israel
• The All Blacks Experience, Wow Rapp Collins, New Zealand

Best Entertainment Campaign
• Be The Reds, TBWA, Korea
• Get Game Ready, Accumark Promotions Group, Canada
• Smirnoff Ice Catch The Match, Triangle Communications, England
• The Human Concert of G.O.D. for 100 Days, Cheil, Korea

Best Cause or Charity Marketing Campaign
• Brand's Artificial Leg Program, Lowe, Thailand
• Duracell Fire Safety, Onyx Marketing Group, Canada
• Northern Ireland Neutering Campaign, 141, Ireland

Best Event Marketing Campaign
• Mazda RX8 Launch Campaign, Hakuhodo, Japan
• Penetration of Fairy Dishwashing Liquid, Promarket, Israel
• Rexona Ter-Temiz, Spy, Turkey
• Zywieckie Muzeum Humorous, Eskadra, Poland

Best Small Budget Campaign
• Forensics Day, Court TV, USA
• Matchbox to the Rescue, Ryan Partnership, Canada
• Take A Time Out, Yalla-Active Marketing, Israel
• Walking Cargill's Olive Oils, Mix 21 Comunicacao, Brazil

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