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Online System Will Evaluate 'Best of the Best' World Campaigns

NEW YORK, March 20, 2006. The deadline for entering campaigns into the competition for the 2006 GLOBES Awards is AUGUST 10, 2006, according to Shireen Moore, president of the Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide.

Entries will be received online at the MAA Web site until midnight of the 10th. Please visit, the MAAW website for category, eligibility, rules, deadlines and relevant background on the GLOBES Awards process and additional questions can be answered via

Sponsored by MAA Worldwide, the GLOBES program recognizes and spotlights creative excellence and outstanding performance on the part of marketing agencies for campaigns completed in the previous year. Competitors are typically promotion, direct, event, sports and entertainment agencies and consultancies, as well to in-house agencies and client-side marketing departments involved in campaign development. Now in its 32nd year, MAA Worldwide is a multinational trade association whose members are the principals and senior executives of such so-called below-the-line marketing agencies. But eligibility is open to members and non-members alike.

"We're now in our third year of receiving and judging the Globes entries electronically. The online process has enabled us to receive hundreds and hundreds of campaigns from the USA, Europe, Latin America, Asia and as far away as India, Turkey and the Middle East. Because the judging is 'virtual,' occurring online over a two-week period, judges are more likely to accept our invitation to review the entries because they don't even have to leave their homes or offices, says Shireen. Last year 50 judges representing more than a dozen countries helped to select the eventual winners."

Shireen is proud to point out that "since it’s 2001 inception, the Globes entries have grown significantly each year. We anticipate upwards of 400 campaigns to compete from around the globe before the August 10, 2006 entry deadline"

And because the GLOBES judging is also done electronically, the time and expense of qualifying, recruiting and assembling an international jury has been eliminated, and geographic diversity is assured on the pre-selected panel. As in previous years, every GLOBES entry will be reviewed anonymously by this "virtual" panel of senior-level client- and agency-side marketing executives, all of whom will be barred from evaluating their own work or the work of others in categories in which they have an entry. More than 40 judges from around the world will serve on the jury. Judging criteria are strength and relevance of concept, originality and innovation in strategy, quality of execution and results against objectives.

Judging will take place in the first week of September. Winners will be notified at the end of September and winners announced at the GLOBES GALA being held at the Sofitel Hotel Chicago on Oct. 25, with publicity pre-scheduled in the November issues of PROMO Magazine (USA) and other publications around the world.

Seventeen GLOBES Awards, comprising an overall Gran Prix and a winner in each of 16 categories (see list below) will be presented at a gala reception and dinner during MAA Worldwide's annual Fall Meeting and Conference. This year's event is set for the evening of Oct. 25 at the Sofitel Hotel in Chicago, to which agencies will be allowed to invite client-side guests. For more information about the MAA's Fall meeting, please visit

Campaigns that win GLOBES awards are considered "the best of the best" worldwide," Mrs. Moore said, on the basis that they become eligible only after having first been honored by MAA-recognized marketing organizations in their own countries. Thus the Gran Prix in the GLOBES program (which went to J. Walter Thompson India last year) goes to the overall winner from literally hundreds of previously honored campaigns (1,300 were eligible in 2004) that ran throughout the world. Last year more than 150 agencies representing 30 European, Asian, North and South American and Pacific Rim countries entered the GLOBES. The 2006 Categories: The 2006 Grand Prix Award Awarded to the campaign that the 2006 judges deem "the best of the best" from the winners of each of the 16 judging categories featured below.

1. Best Multi-Discipline Campaign.

Awarded to the campaign that uses at least three marketing disciplines (i.e. sweepstakes, direct marketing, in-store merchandising) the most effectively to market a product, service or company.

2. Best Sponsorship or Tie-In Campaign.

Awarded to the campaign that does the most to leverage a sports, entertainment or travel/tourism activity as the primary method of marketing a product or service. (new category).

3. Best Use of Direct Marketing.

Awarded to the campaign that uses direct marketing and CRM solutions most effectively as the major communication strategy to maximize marketing ROI. Demonstration of successful targeting to achieve set objectives is key.

4. Most Innovative Idea or Concept.

Awarded to the campaign that best demonstrates a unique marketing idea or fresh interpretation of an established idea in relation to mechanics, channels of communications, types of incentives, etc.

5. Best Use of Interactive Media.

Awarded to the campaign that uses digital, electronic or other new, interactive media most effectively to maximize marketing ROI.

6. Most Effective Long Term Promotion Marketing Campaign.

Awarded to the campaign that best demonstrates a long-term impact on the strategic development and growth of a brand (minimum: three years) measured against a set of long-term objectives. Agency must supply a snapshot of the campaign's results for each year discussed.

7. Best Activity Generating Brand Awareness & Trial Recruitment.

Awarded to the campaign most effective in gaining brand awareness and/or trial for a new, repositioned, or existing product, service or company.

8. Best Activity Generating Brand Volume.

Awarded to the campaign most effective in gaining incremental volume for a product, service or company.

9. Best Activity Generating Brand Loyalty.

Awarded to the campaign that generates loyalty to a product, service, or company most effectively.

10. Best Business-to-Business Campaign.

Awarded to the campaign that does the most to market a product, service or company among business customers.

11. Best Retail Account-Specific or Channel Marketing Activity.

Awarded to the campaign that best supports the launch of a product or service inside a specific retail account or channel. Campaigns can be originated by retail clients or can be tailor-made by suppliers for a specific retailer.

12. Best Dealer or Salesforce Activity.

Awarded to the campaign that does the most to motivate dealers and the salesforce to sell more product or service among the core target audience.

13. Best Brand-Building Campaign.

Awarded to the campaign that does the most to enhance a brand's image and equity in the marketplace. [new category].

14. Best Cause or Charity Marketing Campaign.

Awarded to the campaign that does the most to market a specific product or service while making a positive impact on a specific social cause.

15. Best Event Marketing Campaign.

Awarded to the campaign that best leverages one event, a series of events or a mobile marketing tour to provide a brand experience to the target audience. Judges will consider strategy, brand/market relevance, execution and measurable results.

16. Best Small Budget Campaign.

Awarded to the campaign that achieves all stated objectives while adhering to a small budget (outside USA, under $50,000; inside USA, under $100,000). Although the entry may appear to fit into categories #1 through #15, category #16 may be a better fit if the budget limitations actually made the campaign stronger (i.e. great results, innovative, creative, etc

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