MAAW Globe Awards are the
highest standards of excellence

MAA Worldwide Exclusive GLOBES Partners

MAA Worldwide Partners with a number of Professional Marketing Organisations around the World, representing 28 Countries, as part of the MAAW GLOBES.

Each of our Partners manages their own local Marketing Recognition Program. Their Winners are then eligible to enter the annual MAAW GLOBES which recognises the Best of the Best by Category, as well as the Best of the Best in the World.

If a Company wishes to enter the MAAW GLOBES and there is no Recognition Program operating in that Country, the Company may enter as an individual. Please contact for details.

MAA Worldwide GLOBES Partners:


Association: CAMPRO
Awards Program: The Globes Awards


Awards Program: Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia
The PMAA Dragons of Asia.

Australia & New Zealand

Association: APMA
Awards Program: Promotion Marketing Awards of Excellence


Association: AMPRO
Awards Program: AMPRO Awards


Association: CAPMA
Awards Program: PROMO! Awards


Association: APMC
Awards Program: APMC Star awards


Awards Program: Israeli Agencies enter directly into the MAAW GLOBES.


Association: Japan Promotional Marketing Institute Inc.

Awards Program: JPM Awards


Association: Russian Marketing Services Association
Awards Program: Silver Mercury Awards


Awards Program: The Xaver Award


Partner: Prometheus Dreammaker Consultant Group Turkey
Turkish Agencies will enter directly into the MAAW GLOBES.
Please contact Nazli Aytug at

United Kingdom

Association: Institute of Sales Promotion
Awards Program: IPM Promotional Marketing Awards

United States of America

Association: Promotion Marketing Association, Inc
Awards Program: PMA REGGIES