Winners of the 2010 MAA Worldwide Global Academic Challenge


The Professionals Agency, at the ESPM, University of Advertising and Marketing, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for their “Giving a Young People a Helping Hand” Campaign.

The project objectives were to develop professional courses for young prisoners of two detention houses in Rio de Janeiro, providing a future opportunity for young prisoners to avoid crime by guiding them how to nurture their self esteem & independence by learning a craft, producing products and then marketing them, all with the support of Training Organizations under the theme WORC´s (A Way Out from Robbery and Crime).

Team Leader: Giovanna Antonini
Team Members: Felipe Hatab, Julia Allevato, Raphaela Nuñez
Team Tutor: Professor Marcelo Guedes


Team “Outliers”, from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, for their “Youth Spark, Your Fire. Our Fuel” Campaign.

YouthSpark is a Foundation developed to addresses the unemployment problem in Bangladesh which encourages an entrepreneurial spirit by providing training and microcredit in the form of seed capital to young people. The Foundation was supported by six major Bangladeshi Corporations and thereby reducing unemployment.

Young entrepreneurs were trained in the fundamentals of running an SME and how to finance innovative ideas. A reality Television Program highlighted graduates and the Foundation provided seed capital to winning Programs.

Team Leader: Hisham Haider Dewan
Team Members: Laura Amin, Md. Faiyak Zaman, Sami Ullah Khan, Mujahidun Nabi, Lamia Bashar


Inspire Agency, at the Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia for their “Young People & Financial Literacy” Campaign.

Inspire recognized that financial literacy is a critical life skill and launched of The Wallet Foundation to help and empower youth in all areas of financial literacy in a lighthearted manner, via three platforms:

  • Wallet World, a game to simulate real life financial decisions.
  • MyWallet, a multi-sided platform with personalized tools for to monitor finances.
  • Wallet Foundation website, an information hub for all financial related resources.

Team Members: Arturo Hernandez Marcos, Eileen Yu-Lin Hsu, Pandu Kusuma Muntoro
Lecturer: Martin Salkild


Team Noah at the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka. Bangladesh, for their “Noah’s Ark” Campaign.

The Noah's Ark Foundation was established to improve the quality of life of youth in natural disaster affected areas of Bangladesh by using its established network of young, motivated individuals to educate those in the remote Southeastern coast about basic hygiene, family planning, AIDS, microcredit and other socially adaptive concepts.

Team Leader: Mohibul Islam
Team Members: Nayeem Alam, Mahbubur Rahman Turjo, Adnanul Haque Ahmed, Md. Ali Zulayed, Bidhan Sarker

On behalf of the Executives of MAA Worldwide and the International Judging Panel and our Sponsor PepsiCo, thank you to all those Universities and Business Schools who participated.

We hope the experience has been rewarding for all Team Members.

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