Winners of the 2009 MAA Worldwide Global Academic Challenge

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Campaign: Imagine Israel

Team Promotion Agency:Imagine Israel

Team Leader:Liat Karpel

Team Members: Dotan Weiss, Rebecka Metzger & Veronika Yukalova

Class Lecturer: Dr. Yaron Timmor.

Teaching Assistant: Aliza Shevio IDC Herzliya

University/Business School: IDC Herzliya International School

All team members will receive a GLOBE Certificate.


Campaign: BuzzyBee

Team Promotion Agency: The New Age Marketing

Team Leader: Feranita

Team Members: Novera, Shellen Halim

Class Lecturer Anita Michiko Tamala

University/Business School: MBA BINUS INTERNATIONAL, Jakarta, Indonesia


Campaign: Come as You Are

Team Promotion Agency: Jambura

Team Leader: Bidhan Sarker

Team Members: Adnanul Haque Ahmed, Md. Ali Zulayed, Muhammed Refayet Chowdhury, Mehtaj Binte Saad, Pratik Bhowmik & Rehan Azad

Class Lecturer: Prof. Mushtaque Ahmed MBA

University/Business School: Institute of Business Administration. University of Dhaka, Dhaka. Bangladesh


Campaign: Making Friends with Ded Moroz

Team Promotion Agency: Ark Scholz & Friends Group

Team Leader: Yulia Dormidontova

Team Members: Anton Goltsman, Margarita Khrapova, Darya Torshina & Maria Tyukova

Class Lecturer: Prof. Mikhail Nazarov

University/Business School: State University – Higher School of Economics, Faculty of Management, Marketing Communications Department. Moscow. Russia

On behalf of the Executives of MAA Worldwide and the International Judging Panel, thank you to all those Universities and Business Schools who participated. We hope the experience has been rewarding.

For more information contact:

Mike Da Silva
President. MAA Worldwide. New York
Vice President, Marketing. MAA GLOBES. New York.
eMail: mdasilva@mdsa
phone: +61 2 9953 9633